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Frequently Asked Questions

How much and why do Cavelero students have to pay to get into LSHS events?
The cost for Cavelero students WITH an ASB card to get into all regular season contests is $4.00 per event. The cost for Cavelero students WITHOUT an ASB card is $6.00 per event.

For the purposes of ticket pricing - Cavelero students (both 8th & 9th) are treated as visiting Middle School students - even when the contests are being played at LSHS. Cavelero students do not receive free admission to LSHS home events because no Cavelero ASB money is distributed to the LSHS ASB. This is governed by a long standing agreement.

What is the cost to attend LSHS Home Regular Season Contests?
See the Wesco Ticket Pricing schedule.

Why is Admission Charged to some events and not others?
Admission is required to be charged anytime a sub-varsity contest (JV and/or C/Freshmen) IMMEDIATELY precedes a Varsity contest at the SAME venue. This is a Wesco league policy and ticket booth workers do not have the ability to make exceptions.

What forms of payment are accepted at LSHS home events?

  • REGULAR SEASON HOME events - debit/credit and cash are accepted.
  • Post Season HOME events - CASH ONLY

What Should my Student NOT Bring to a Contest?
Students are not allowed to bring backpacks or bags into home contests. PLEASE LEAVE THEM AT HOME. There is nowhere for them to be stored on site. Open drink containers, bicycles, scooters and balls are also not allowed.

I want to go to my car at halftime – can I return to the contest?
Once you enter a contest – you may not leave and return to the facility. This applies to adults and students equally. This is also a Wesco league policy.

Are there passes available for families who attend many athletic events?
LSSD Annual Family Passes are available for purchase through Lake Stevens High School and Cavelero Mid High School Athletic Offices. This family pass is valid for all home, regular season contests. Post Season contests are NOT included. The cost of this pass is $125. (LSSD employees receive a discounted price, please bring your LSSD ID badge) It is valid for only your immediate family members (up to 7 total). Grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc. are not considered immediate family members. Passes may be purchased in either the LSHS Athletic Office OR the Cavelero Athletic Office - during their regular business hours.

What is the Golden Viking/Senior Pass?
Free passes are available to senior residents of the area served by the Lake Stevens School District. To be eligible the senior must be at least 65 years of age. More details are available on the Golden Viking Program page.